Fifty Black smudges

It will be released in Italian cinemas 18 February, the irreverent and hilarious parody of the most controversial saga of all time: Fifty Black smudges. From the producers of Scary Movie and Ghost Movie, The comedy directed by Michael Tiddes (Ghost Movie, Ghost Movie 2) e interpretata da Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie, Ladykillers, White Chicks, Ghost Movie) It takes aim at the erotic trilogy 50 shades, in particular the "outrageous" 50 shades of Grey, However, not sparing other genre cult like Magic Mike, Django's Nymphomaniac. The hilarious gags, that wind through improbable erotic games, eccentric meetings and paradoxical situations, applying the film to be the most hilarious parody of 2016. The film, which counts the participation of Kali Hawk, Mike Epps e Jane Seymour, It will be distributed in Italy by Notorious Pictures.

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