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Scenario crosses borders arriving in Russia, America, France, Germany, South Africa, Latin America, England, Japan and many other reality far from Nostra but eager to learn about the many faces of Italy.

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You can do advertising on this site in several ways. The more traditional methods are designed for those who want to get visitors on your site, for those who want raise awareness an initiative / product / company, or looking to improve positioning of its site by the increase in inbound links.

Banner central rotation

  • Dimension: 728 x 90 pixel
  • Advised: if you want to get visitors
  • Cost banners in rotation

    • Monthly Euro 200,00
    • Package 6 months : 1000,00
    • Annual package : 2000,00

Banner laterale

  • Dimension: 300 x 600 pixel
  • Advised: if you want to launch an initiative, then to read a message to many people without necessarily asking him to click
  • Cost banner fixed on all pages of the site

    • Monthly Euro 220,00
    • Package 6 months : 650,00
    • Annual package : 2500,00

Link on a page of your choice

  • Modality: reporting site through links on the text to no more than 1 link on maximum 4 parole
  • Advised for those who want to increase the inbound links of your site increasing your pagerank
  • Location: agreed
  • Speeds:
    • Monthly Euro 80,00
    • Package 6 months: 350,00
    • Annual package : 600,00


  • Modality: Article by previously agreed with an active link inside
  • Advised for the promotion of companies, products, Reviews, events, initiatives. Get great visibility for a short time and allows you to increase the popularity of the linked site.
  • Location: published on the homepage of the site and then to climb as more and more articles are published
  • Speeds:
    • Only one: 150 Euro



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