Naba final work at AltaRoma July 2022

NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts, participated in the Rome Fashion Week organized by Altaroma, with the fashion show "Don’t Ask Me Why – NABA MA in Fashion Design”. The collections of the students of the MA in Fashion Design have walked the catwalkWednesday 13 luglio alle ore 10.30 at the former Guido Reni Barrackspreceded by the projection of a video story of the creations made by the students of the MA in Fashion and Textile Design of the A.Y.. 2020/21.

10 the designers of the MA in Fashion Design who had the opportunity to present their work, a selection of unique looks, originals, completely designed and manufactured in NABA. To anticipate the entry of the collections on the catwalk, the screening ofvideo “DON’T ASK ME WHY”, which lends its name to the entire event that sees the artistic direction ofPaolo Bazzani (Art Director and NABA Faculty), which presents a selection of projects, unprecedented points of observation of the world, made by the students of the MA in Fashion and Textile Design of the A.Y.. 2020/21.

The show closed with the creations created within the special project carried out during the year withPROMPERU ’ Italy (Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Exports and Tourism of Peru in Italy) which aims to promote the Alpaca yarn as a high-end fiber and bearer of eco-sustainability values, tradition and culture of the Peruvian territory.

The sound of the event was created and performed specifically for the occasion by Saint Louis College of Music: the original music is, for electronic composition, by the academic students of Department of Electronic Music, while the students of the two-year specialization in Composition and Applied Music conducted live the pieces they composed and orchestrated and which were performed by an ensemble composed of 10 musicisti. The main collections of Altaroma were created by NABA students of the MA in Fashion Design: Chiara Friend, Rebecca Bertolasi, Shi Chen, Emanuele D’Alessandro, Giulia DePetris, Julie Franco, Nicola Ghezzi, Tommaso Valentini, Xiang Wen, Minan Zhang. Among these, Carlotta Civolani, Maria Llinares Torregrosaand Tommaso Valentini they are the students who have carried out the projects resulting from the collaboration with PROMPERU ’Italia.

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