Sofia Gnoli's alphabet of fashion

Published by Carocci publisher “The fashion alphabet” di Sofia Gnoli, fashion scholar, university professor and journalist, writes on “Friday” e la “Republic”. Non…

Baccarat 1764 – Two Hundred and Fifty Years

Cocktail for the presentation of the book "Baccarat 1764 – Two Hundred and Fifty Years”, the fine volume that celebrates, with a profusion of precious images and texts, the two hundred and fifty of the French Maison.

“Baccarat Two Hundred and Fifty years”

“Baccarat Two Hundred and Fifty years” is the intentional published by Rizzoli New York on the occasion of “mythical” anniversary of the fashion house is celebrating in 2014: i 250 years since the founding of the Manufacture.

Enzo Cei “Fiori.La life stories of children who vince.14”

photo book of Enzo Cei “Flowers. The life that wins. 14 stories of children”, Pacini Ediotre. Proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated entirely by the Bianca Garavaglia NPO National Cancer Institute in Milan, in favor of pediatric oncology.

“Cellophane” Cinzia Leone

At the Feltrinelli of Milan day 7 November will be presented the book of Cinzia Leone “Cellophane, spearhead the present autrice.

“Santa Croce in rosa”

Presented the book “Santa Croce in rosa” published in two languages, Italian and English, born from the partnership between Opera di Santa Croce and the Advancing Women Artist Foundation (AWA). It’ dedicated to all the women who over the centuries have been buried in Holy Cross.