Evento da Hunting World a Firenze

Many guests who attended the event excited "Hunting World: The adventure is back"Hunting World at the boutique in Florence. The brand was founded in 1965 da Robert M. Lee, lover of adventure travel, and it was he who created the first set of suitcases in battue.
The event was a journey through flavors, colors and perfumes thanks to the three partners: The Way of Tea; Krumiri Rossi; Wally 1925. Three companies, chosen from the Italian excellence, guests enjoy a journey to discover the best blends of tea, historians biscuits of Casale Monferrato family Portinaro, perfumes made in Tuscany and precisely Montemurlo.
Summoned by the famous fashion blogger The Blog of the Marquis- The Italian Gentleman are arrrivati: Olivia Toscani Rucellai, Laura Serego Alighieri, Geneva Renzo Sonnino, Alessandra Scarpato, Lorenzo de Medici Tornaquinci, Bianca Bellucci, Philip and Raffaella Cassetti Burchi, Marinella Fani, Sonia Swallows, Moreschina Fabbricotti, Mariangela Catalan.

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