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Scenario a new and simple way of living the good taste at your fingertips. The webzine it reads like the pages of a magazine paper. Scenario offers daily new items on: luxury, fashion, lifestyle, events, art, actuality.

Founded in Florence

Editorial Office:


Editor in Chief: R. Raffaele

Managing Editor: A. Vagliengo

Co-Editor: A. Raffaele

Fashion Director:

B. Barberini Colonna


A. Raffaele
A. Sirianni
B. Barberini Colonna


G. Pileggi

It. Freccia

R. Menniti

C. Titomanlio

The. De Notaristefani Vastogirardi

B. Martino

D. Piacenza


The. Bankers

London Correspondent:
I. Polimeni

Avertising and Marketing:

A. Raffaele

Non inseriamo comunicati relativi ad eventi, sfilate e presentazioni senza averne prima ricevuto regolare accredito. Accreditation requests are sent exclusively by email Editors.

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