Tom Tom Multi-Sport

Among the equipment of the latest generation designed for those who practice workout, both outside and inside, Tom Tom has the clock Multi-Sport ideal for those who want…

Stunning Poker Star Kara Scott Calls Parma Home

Split the game of poker down the middle. On one side you have your Average Joe players who are only looking for a fun night out and maybe a good payout to help him afford those Salvatore Ferragamo boat shoes that he’s been eyeing for weeks.

Don Joe e Sennheiser

Don Joe, musical soul of the Club Dogo, will perform a live DJ set Sunday 24 novembre alle ore 17,30 Saturn of Viale Certosa.

The new HTC One HTC: culture and passion

The company HTC launches new smartphone: HTC One. A small treasure trove of technology that supports the operating system Android Jelly Bean and LTE technology that makes navigation unbelievably fast.