The jewels Bettina T. by Cinzia Caviglia

I jewelry Bettina T., result of the passionate work of the designer Cinzia Caviglia, they arise from the observation of details that are loaded with memories and meanings, and are designed for the wearer with the intention of demystifying the rigor of classic jewellery. A brand of unmistakable pieces made strictly by hand by expert goldsmiths, modern and ironic, because a pinch of irony is good for any occasion and at any age.
Embodiment of the unconventional spirit of Bettina T. is the Industrial collection that in a game of
Duchampian references, draws inspiration from everyday objects to transform them into unusual jewels, piccoli
artistic artifacts that do not know gender differences and that, above all, they do not go unnoticed.
Three lines in this collection: Molly, Tin and Scrap.

The Molly line is developed starting from a simple clothespin which, thanks to the creativity of
Bettina T., becomes ring, pendant or earring. A necklace that refers to carefree atmospheres
of childhood, to clothes hanging in the sun, to that universe where everything seems possible, even that a small spring stuck on the finger makes us transform into knights or princesses. Made in gold or silver, and possibly embellished with small diamonds or other precious stones to be set inside, the jewels of the Molly line are also extremely comfortable. In fact, thanks to its elasticity, the spring becomes an ally of ergonomics by adapting effortlessly to the body of the wearer.

The real protagonist of the Tin line is instead the tongue of a can, which made of silver 925 si
turns it into a ring too, earring or pendant. In the ring version we find it embellished with a
brilliant little, ring that can be customized using white or yellow gold for the structure and made even more sparkling thanks to diamonds, zaffiri, emeralds and rubies. An unusual gift idea, but also the perfect symbol to seal a love made of lightness and fun. As an earring, however, it releases all its flexibility: it can in fact be worn double in the classic way but also single combined in an asymmetrical way. The real strong point is in fact the interchangeable pin that allows you to use Tin coupled with silver plates or balls - as proposed by Bettina T. – but also to points of light or other earrings that are part of the jewel-case of each of us or, perché no, to be used as a pendant by simply passing the chain through the hole left free by the earring. A versatile detail ready to offer different occasions of use and to enhance every personality, an accessory that changes and characterizes the look according to the character, or just the mood, of whoever chooses it.

Frida, finally, reinterprets the typical curl of waste from a process and becomes for Cinzia Caviglia,
representation of the value of craftsmanship. A satin silver spiral that wraps itself to life,
again, to a ring, to earrings and a bracelet. L’anello, light and airy, can be
adjusted to the extent of its swirls to fit any finger, the earrings are unusual hoops and
dynamic with safety lock, while the bracelet, dal forte impatto estetico, it can softly dress the wrist as well as safely surround the forearm. Continuous spirals that refer to the concept of infinity and that remind us how much movement and dynamism must always be part of our lives.

Each jewel is a unique piece as it is the result of the work of skilled hands of Roman goldsmiths with whom Cinzia
Caviglia has been working in close contact for years and can be further customized according to the wishes of the

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