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Interview with Dr. Valerio Badiali

Interview with Dr. Valerio Badiali, cosmetic surgeon and scientific coordinator of IEI -Istituto Italian Beauty. The skin should always be protected from aging and certainly from the sun and cold in advance with creams, also solar

The chocolate between myths and misconceptions

A useful and practical guide to one of the most tasty foods, attractive and criticized: chocolate. The property and its components, clichés on its consumption and advice on the consumption by children and for those who suffer from cholesterol

Henné e falsi miti: here's how sfatarli

Federico Faragalli, natural hairstylist di Roma, speaks to us of henna and its features. The henna does not penetrate inside the hair wraps around the outside but making it not only more polished but also healthier because it thickens the diameter and increase the volume