Metropolitan resonances Florence 2022 event schedule

The second edition of "Metropolitan resonances”, the festival curated by the collective of artists of Solar Theatre, returns from 11 December 2022 to the 14 April 2023 with five site-specific events in five different places in the city of Florence and in the province: theater performance, danza, music and not just thought and created, based on themes and affinities, for the different realities of the territory.

Risonanze Metropolitane was born in 2021 to trigger contacts between young artists and cultural spaces and create opportunities for mutual growth through the active participation of the local area. The first edition ended successfully, with over a thousand participants, the second edition aims to consolidate the communities of cultural practice born in the suburbs of the Metropolitan City of Florence. The soul of the festival is to bring art into resonance with the unexpressed potential of the territories, with interventions tailored to the aspirations of the host community, with an increasing focus on families, students and emerging artists.

We leave on Sunday 11 December, hours 18 and hours 21, with Concert for boxer and live electronics, in co-production with Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, within the review Florentine autumn project Beyond the walls, at the Florentine Boxing Academy (Street of Rocca Tedalda 142 Florence). The performance by Niccolò Gonnella and Alice Consigli combines music, body and boxing language in the continuous experimentation of a score. It is a musical artistic creation process based on the study of the rhythms and sound potential of the instruments used in boxing training. After a course of 14 meetings, from 9 October to 10 December at the Florentine Boxing Academy, the musician and producer Niccolò Gonnella and the researcher and dancer Alice Consigli collaborated closely with a group of young boxers to develop a concert in surround which will see the latter become protagonists and performers.

Sunday 5 March, pm 11 pm 16, in collaboration with the District 2 of the Municipality of Florence and the CCN Le Cure, the theatrical walk takes place on the banks of the MugnoneBoccacciaLudovico Fededegni, passionate about Boccaccio and board games, builds a day inspired by the themes for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, to the names and pitfalls with which the Decameron is embroidered, which was set in those parts. Since Wednesday 29 a venerdì 31 March, at the Higher Institute “Giuseppe Peano (Via Andrea del Sarto 6/a, Florence) si terrà unforum dedicated to civic education: cinema, speaking theatre, puppetry, to face: cyberbullying, gender issue, environmental sustainability. Sunday 2 April, to 14.30, at the Science and Technology Pole of Sesto Fiorentino (Avenue of Ideas, 23), in collaboration with the Student Collective, a visit will take place with the screening of the documentaryBeyond oppositesMaria Montesi and Clemente Bicocchi observe this place and the realities that inhabit it, they wonder about the possible resonances between the nature of human relationships and that which underlies the interaction between elementary particles. Friday 14 April, pm 19.00, in collaboration with the association Il Teatro dell'Uutile, at the Antella Cultural Recreational Club (Street of Pulicciano, 53) we will see the showThe story of AntellaGiullarata by Giorgio Moretti, with Ludovico Fededegni. An unexpected find in the State Archive has made it possible to recover a fourteenth-century story on the Antella, its parish church and its inhabitants, attributed to Franco Sacchetti.

Solar Theatre is an association of artists and educators born in Fiesole from a long tradition of participatory artistic processes. “Looking ahead – explains Claudia Costantini, responsible for relations with schools – we continue to see the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the vitality of their territory for a local cultural offer on a human scale, accessible and open, an antidote to the atomization and disintegration of the social fabric, an incentive to take an active position in the community and an opportunity to trigger a change”.

President Erik Haglund comments “Let's start again with art, as a means of asking questions of ourselves and of others. Let's start again from the territories as a horizon of daily life and in particular from those in the suburbs where the cultural offer is less but above all from young people and emerging artists who are suffering the most from the precariousness of the cultural system ".

The venues of the festivals: Florentine Boxing Academy, Le Cure district, "Peano" Higher Institute, Scientific and technological center of Sesto Fiorentino, CRC Antella.

Metropolitan resonancesis made with the contribution of: CR Florence Foundation, Metropolitan City, Unicoop Florence, Municipality of Scandicci. In collaborazione con: Comune di Firenze – Quarter 2, Municipality of Pontassieve, Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, Factory Europe Foundation, ASD Florentine Boxing Academy, IC Balducci Fiesole, IS Peano, IS Balducci of Pontassieve.

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