Bucolica. Il Vivere Country

In the beautiful setting of the attic of the Westin Palace Hotel, on a cool evening in early July, with a breathtaking view, there was the opening party of Bucolica- The Country Living– an eye-catching cultural project which aims to bring the public closer to philosophy, the style and atmosphere of country life, in line with a growing trend: the return to nature- to detox from the hustle and bustle of the city and rediscover, the link with the land, with the simple things and authentic.

A few kilometers away from Milan, along the Martesana and the river Adda, Addai to Vaprio, in the beautiful park Villa Castelbarcos you can feel the spirit country in all its forms: from that a little 'classic and casual style that English glamor and refined Provence, strong flavors of the Camargue and Spain to those most familiar of Tuscany. Romantic tones of Brittany to those a little 'wild in Argentina. Country refers no doubt America will also to a certain type of clothing and outdoor living with horses. Walking through the gardens and courtyards of Castelbarcos will cross eras and nations that have made the style Country.

Focus of the event will be the fair-market, with the participation of artisans and producers and will be proposed next two in-depth art in tune with the atmosphere of the event: edited by Beba Marsano, exhibit Brigitta Rossetti and the Bolognese painter Antonio Saliola, both with a cycle of works that have as their theme the world of flowers and gardens.

The Golf, expression of the country's most glamorous, will have a dedicated space: in the gardens of the Villa will be recreated a field test in which everyone can access and work with this extraordinary sport.

It will also be present for all three days of the opening National League for the Defense of the Dog- Section of Milan, and Friday 13 do not miss the fun Charity "Dogs Gala Dinner" with the presence of personalities from the world of culture, dell, the show accompanied by their four-legged friends.

There remains, therefore, to wait for the 13 September to enjoy 3 days in the name of the country!

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