To Asghar Farhādi the Fiesole Award to the Masters of Cinema 2022


The Prize Fiesole to the Masters of Cinema edition 2022, artistic direction of Massimo Tria, will be awarded to the well-known Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. Already appreciated abroad with "About Elly” (2009) with which he won the Silver Bear in Berlin, the Iranian director achieves international success with "A Separation" in 2011 with which he won the Oscar for best foreign film, award he also receives with “The client" in 2017. In his filmography include among others "The past" (2013) with Berenice Bejo (awarded in Cannes for the best actress), "Everybody knows" (2018) with Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and "A hero" (2021), with which he was awarded the Special Grand Prix of the Jury in Cannes in 2021.

Director Farhādi will become "Master of Cinema" like Mario Martone before him, Paolo Sorrentino, Robert Guédiguian, Victor Storaro, Stephanie Sandrelli, Darius Silver, Giuseppe Tornatore, Terry Gilliam, Toni Servillo and Nanni Moretti and many others. The Fiesole Prize is created with the patronage of Regione Toscana and is made possible thanks to the contribution of CR Florence Foundation and in support of Villa San Michele, A Belmond Hotel, Florence. Also, this year he had the pleasure of collaborating with the “Middle East Now” festival.

The awards night of Saturday 16 July will take place at Roman Theater of Fiesole (Via Portigiani, 1) with free admission. Alle 20.45 meeting with the director and presentation of the monographic volume, the first dedicated to him in Italy, edited by Simone Emiliani with contributions from the members of SNCI, for ETS Editions of Pisa. The awards ceremony will be held at 22 and to follow the Oscar-winning film will be screened "A Separation".


The event will be accompanied by a retrospective of the award-winning director's films, in July at Piazzale degli Uffizi as part of the "Apriti cinema" review (Saturday 2: The past; Saturday 9: The customer) and in August at the Teatro di Fiesole, per "Stensen d'Estate" (Sunday 7: A hero; Sunday 14: Everybody knows). “Even the Tuscan Group of SNCI is proud to be able to host a great master of international cinema in Fiesole, winner of two Academy Awards, moreover, for the first time in its history, the Prize is awarded to a director who comes from the Middle East. Farhādi is an author who has been able to tell Iranian society with a universal gaze: his films, its stories and characters, witnesses of the transformations your country is experiencing, in fact, they have never ceased to amaze and make us Western viewers reflect. It is for this reason that retracing his cinema today means venturing into a world that is both foreign and familiar, and therefore even more stimulatingsaid Marco Luceri, coordinator of the Sncci Gruppo Toscano.

I am happy to present the edition 2022 of the Fiesole Award to the Masters of Cinema, which represents a milestone in the history of our event. Indeed, with the exception of Akira Kurosawa (1986), the Maestros who have trod the stage of the Roman Theater of Fiesole up to now are all European or American. This year the Prize wanted to broaden its gaze, opening up to the Middle East and we can only be proud of thissaid Anna Ravoni, mayor of Fiesole.


“Master Asghar Farhādi best combines the universality of humanistic themes with the peculiarities of his great country, which he returns to us on the screens, overcoming clichés and superficially exotic representations. His Tehran is animated by puzzles, moral contrasts, family struggles, doubts of conscience reminiscent of both Italian neorealism and moral thrillers. The structural pivots of the element to be discovered, of enigma and narrative ellipsis are inserted into moral investigations in which it is not possible to clearly distinguish who lies from who tells the truth, who is the innocent victim of social machinations by those who are complicit in spite of himself. His profound knowledge of the dynamics of family conflict and the moral questions associated with it have therefore also allowed him to shoot European films with international stars, further confirmation of a talent that knows no bounds, which remains very modern but dialogues fearlessly with the great Masters of the past: it is no coincidence that De Sica's Bicycle Thieves and Kurosawa's Rashomon are among the films that he has declared to be his points of reference. One cannot remain indifferent to his great cinema, but there is not a single "Truth" to side with, but rather an enigmatic “absence” to be reconstructed together – explained Massimo Tria, artistic director of the award.


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