International Biennial of Antiques 2022


Return to Florence there International Biennial of Antiques, BIAF in sigla, from 24 September to 2 October at the halls of Palazzo Corsini with a new layout curated by Matteo Corvino. The oldest market exhibition in the world and the one of absolute reference for the great Italian art, at the helm of which we find the Mayor Dario Nardella and Secretary General as President Fabrizio Moretti assisted by a Steering Committee.

The traditional gala dinner of the Biennale will be curated by Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura, the one-star Michelin restaurant led by co-executive chefs Karime López and Takahiko Kondo and located within the Gucci Garden in Piazza della Signoria.

In front of your eyes, the best of the great Italian art, from the Florentine Renaissance to the great Italian and international twentieth century. But also exciting visions of Roman sculptures and artifacts, Etruscans, medieval alongside examples of Italian and international design that have shaped the taste of the most recent century. But above all the pleasure of dealing with admired and envied antique dealers all over the world. Women and men who looking, restauro, study of these wonders devote their lives. And their huge passion is contagious! Great returns and important reconfirmations of international merchants will bring the best of paintings from every era, drawings, sculptures, arredi, ceramic, jewelry.


After two days reserved for the Vetting Committee, the BIAF will open its doors to the press on the morning of 22 September. The BIAF is the classic that looks to the contemporary: among the initiatives that will animate the days of the exhibition, the preview projection of Eternal Memories, the first docu-game in the world that intends to tell young generations about ancient art through a playful moment to bring them closer to this universe. Playable in Italian and English, Eternal Memories can be downloaded for free on all smartphones and iPads through the main APP platforms and intends to reach millions of players around the world among the audience of over 2 billions of regular players. The game is produced for BIAF by Golem Multimedia, with the collaboration of TuoMuseo and the support of Consultinvest.

BIAF as you have never experienced it ... projected towards the future thanks to EY, Innovation Partner of this 32nd BIAF edition. A corner will be available for those present EY, dedicated to innovation in which to experience the link between new technologies and art, and a museum space within the Metaverse with works of art awarded in previous editions of the BIAF for living, even remotely, an immersive experience. The exhibition in the Metaverse will be enriched by digital interactive activities. EY will also host a panel on the role of technologies in the world of art.

The BIAF stands for a great tradition of patronage: with the donation of the splendid altarpiece by Durante Alberti, raffigurante the Trinity and Saints Andrew, Maria Maddalena and Cristina (olio su tela, cm 373 x 192,5) by Fabrizio Moretti and Eleonora and Bruno Botticelli, to commemorate the memory of their respective parents, to the Sansepolcro Cathedral, compensating the church for a serious loss suffered in the past.

While thanks to the financial support of the Antiques Biennial, the Richard Ginori Museum Archive Foundation of the Doccia Factory has launched an important restoration campaign for a significant core of precious wax models, severely damaged by humidity in the years following the closure and abandonment of the Ginori Museum, among these the group depicting Apollo e Marsia, based on a work by the Florentine sculptor Giovan Battista Foggini and the groups with Venus plucking Love and Leda with the Swan, whose bronze archetypes are due to the invention of the late Baroque sculptor Massimiliano Soldani Benzi.

Unforgettable days in Florence at Palazzo Corsini and in the rest of the city with the second edition of the Florence Art Week: The Maison of Via Tornabuoni, the Galleries of Via Maggio, Via de Fossi, Borgognissanti and the boutiques of Ponte Vecchio will offer activities and events reserved for VIP card holders. Con la F.A.W.

The exhibition is placed under the patronage of the Tuscany Region, Comune di Firenze, Metropolitan City, Chamber of Commerce.

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