Tom Tom Multi-Sport

Among the equipment of the latest generation designed for those who practice workout, both outside and inside, Tom Tom has the clock Multi-Sport is ideal for those who want to monitor their performance. Ideal and indispensable for swimming enthusiasts, running and cycling. The features that distinguish it are lightweight, practicality and durability, from the ultra-slim design that fits different size of wrist of men and women.
The watch Tom Tom Multi-Sport is one of the many occasioni su Staples, just click on the site and find the offers that the site presents every day.
Tom Tom Multi-Sport is equipped with a display robust and shock resistant. The GPS and GLONASS allow to know precisely its position when riding in the open air.
The clock Tom Tom consists of a convenient band that is positioned around the chest, the device detects the data and communicates via Bluetooth clock which is associated. In this way you can exercise by increasing or decreasing the intensity to stay in your training zone.

For those who love ciclimo the clock can be placed on the bicycle, through specific support and allows you to view information about your workout thanks to a sensor that calculates the speed of pedaling, pace and distance traveled. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters / 5 ATM and is therefore resistant to rain. With a battery with an autonomy of 10 hours in GPS mode, uses a multi-platform compatible.
The watch Tom Tom on sale at Staples, one of the most important e.commerce office supply.

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