Christofle “Folies”

Christofle opens a new chapter in the history of the Silver Moments with “Folies”, a number of rare pieces signed by internationally renowned designers.
The Artist Tom Libertine proposed a giant teapot in beeswax called “Thousand Years”, a teapot XXL modeled on Albi.

Libertiny-Thousand Years-2 © René van der Hulst
Madison 6. The hexagon, icon elegant and discreet that embodies the spirit of Christofle and its roots, enriches this collection of objects and art de la table accessories. Which, the elegant walnut wood blends with the brilliance of silver metal in boxes that become empty-pockets or boxes for pens, whose lid can also be used as a tray. Tableware, from plates to porcelain cups, follows the same pattern on a white background, remembering the honeycomb and making it a perfect complement for the most precious moments.

Philippe Hurel - Safe-Prestige 3
Safe Prestige”. The cabinetmaker Philippe Hurel has created a piece of exception: an elegant box cutlery wood working. Walnut and ebony are combined in this delicate woodwork that evokes the exquisite craftsmanship of the Art Deco movement.

Xiao Hui Wang - Love
“Love”. Created by the Chinese Xiao Hui Wang lascultura “Love” is the younger sister of the original large built in 2010 per la Shanghai Opera House. This piece, bronze and silver finish, rests on a metal support silver Christofle and took almost 40 hours. It’ was edited in just 66 specimens.

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