Give a woman a perfume: the rules to follow

You can give a woman a perfume? The answer is yes, but it must be done according to certainties
criteria. Bouquet preferences are purely individual: they depend on the character,
from the state of mind, from the olfactory memory and even from the natural smell of the person's skin
We have proof of this every time more people try the same fragrance, poiché
the effect can differ greatly from one subject to another. At this juncture, then, is
essential to know the rules to follow for a safe choice.
Give a woman a perfume, Yes or no?
Before doing such a research, it is essential to ensure that the potential user
appreciate the gift. Albeit in small numbers, in fact, some women may not like the
perfume as a gift, both for a natural propensity not to use it and for problems
related to allergies or skin hypersensitivity. If you have any doubts about it, it's better
contact the person directly concerned, obviously without making her understand that she is the recipient
of the purchase.

Feminine perfumes, the tastes of the recipient
Respect for this point is essential, in order not to make mistakes. The easiest way
to get information is to ask for information from who will receive the gift or from the people closest to you. In
Such case, it is not uncommon to find that Mrs (or the girl) in question has very clear ideas and,
magari, a favorite brand, therefore the best choice is to focus on her favorite fragrance.
Chi, instead, can not trace in a precise way the fragrance to give, can always do
reference to what emerges from conversations or reactions in hearing a certain
bouquet, with the recipient of this. Se, per esempio, the interlocutor grades the notes
woody and, at the same time, read, Chloé perfume particularly suitable for her.
Women's fragrances to give as a gift, buy by temperament
When it is not possible to understand the preferences of the potential user, the choice of
perfume becomes more difficult. Tuttavia, the possibility of giving it as a gift is not precluded, I know if you have a story
of his character traits or his style. Here are some general suggestions:

● fresh and citrusy bouquets are suitable for those who love summer and hiking in the middle of the

● notes of wood and spices are perfect for women with a strong personality
● aromas of musk, cipria, jasmine and lavender are particularly welcome to those looking for
always the utmost cleanliness.

For a person with elegant manners and a look with attention to every detail, the winning solution is
a classy fragrance, come Chloe Nomade.

Give a feminine perfume, the ideal format
The advice is to buy the bigger bottles (of 80 ml in su) only when you are at
knowledge of the product preferred by the recipient of the gift. If not, better to put the
focus on small formats and combine one or more products from the same line, like a cream for
body or bubble bath.
You can attach a ticket on which to write the reasons for your choice. Chi
will receive the perfume will understand that it is a tailor-made gift and will appreciate it even more.

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