Lardini party at Milan fashion week

Lardini presented the FW collection 23/24 with a party chaired by internationally renowned DJs Mace and Cristina Lazic, at the suggestive location of Palazzo Mezzanotte. Fashion is a language that progresses with time and follows its changes, communicative changes and transformations, relationships and relationships with oneself and others. Dressing is a multidimensional system that is not just about clothes, but it embraces all the activities of individuals which involve a choice. Evolving Elegance is the way in which Lardini names the renewal process of his brand, in which he maintains unchanged the narration of a taste and refinement that have always belonged to him, but which today know new forms and formulas while remaining faithful to its constitutive principles. No subversion, but the perfecting of an aesthetic that cultivates know-how and quality to almost maniacal levels in parallel with the desire to dress a changing world: just like people change, their way of life, their habits. Indulging an evolving elegance means first of all carrying forward an innovative spirit that recognizes the solidity of one's roots and thanks to these finds new creative lifeblood. To arrive at embracing themes such as inclusiveness, the diversity of tastes and bodies and therefore gaining cultural and aesthetic relevance for each generation. A result achieved through the consolidation of production in three lines that confirm, if we ever doubted it, that fashion is an eternal starting over.

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