Pure Cleanse Face Wash di Face D

face d

Face D adds a new reference to its range of skincare 100% Made in Italy, scientifically tested and strictly crossgender. Pure Cleanse Face Wash è un brightening facial cleanser and normalizing that is added to Pure&Easy. Created to mattify and reduce excess sebum, Pure Cleanse Face Wash Face D is characterized by an extremely delicate formula which makes it suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Simple to use, as soon as it is emulsified with water it transforms into a light and quickly rinsing foam, able to remove impurities and make-up gently, without drying out the skin which appears softer and more radiant over time.

face d

Its sebum-balancing formula is enriched with glycinated surfactants, characterized by high skin tolerability, pH regulating lactic acid and glycerin, which prevents dehydration and gives an immediate feeling of comfort. From the results of clinical and instrumental tests conducted by a dermatologist on 40 people aged between 15 e i 70 years old with combination and sensitive skin, from the first application the skin appears luminous 63% of people while the complexion appears fresh, clean and not shiny in the 93% of people. Sebum is reduced and the epidermis appears uniformed and rebalanced. Con il 93% of natural ingredients, Pure Cleanse Face Wash by Face D lives in recycled packaging, simple and refined. It is available to the public in two smart and environmentally friendly formats: standard, enclosed in FSC certified paper packaging, and sustainable, because it has no secondary packaging.

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