Chanel perfumes: which are the most loved ever?

A perfume for a man is something that he distinguishes, that accompanies him throughout the day and ne defines the character, as well as also representing a weapon of seduction. There maison Chanel has always offered unique fragrances that have become a cult in the years. Here you can take a look at the best fragrances from house, those best known and most loved by both chanel men and women. But what are the men's fragrances of perfume Chanel most loved?

Bleu de Chanel

Definitely one of the most loved men's perfumes it's Bleu de Chanel. Bleu de Chanel represents the latest great novelty of the brand in the field of men's perfumery. There original fragranza era un eau de toilette, the eau de parfum version was subsequently formulated by Polge (historical perfumer of Chanel).

The Bleu de Chanel commercial campaign was remarkable. It was even Martin Scorsese who directed a television commercial, girata a New York City. The reason why this perfume is so loved is because it stands out but does not annoy. It is worn at any age and is also wearable by women who love men's fragrances.

Seductive perfume enclosed in a bottle that gives mystery thanks to its color of an intense blue, it is a perfume that expresses freedom from any convention for the wearer, but also determination. It features a very intense woody fragrance that opens, then, with sparkling citrus notes, pink pepper and peppermint. It has a heart of cedar, vetiver and jasmine, but warms up with notes of sandalwood and incense.

Look Man

Another much loved men's fragrance from maison Chanel is Allure Homme. It's intoxicating, persistent, sensuale. Yes immediately recognized by its elegant and virile metallic packaging. Born in 1996 and in his notes he describes a man always true to himself, elusive.

It combines the spicy notes of pepper with vigor forest of cedar and vetiver. In addition, presents the sweet notes and sensual notes of cistus labdanum and tonka bean. It turns out fresh and spicy. To the first spray you can feel the citrus freshness of the cedar mix, orange and lemon. After a while, the woody and peppery notes also stand out with a touch of amber and vetiver.

This perfume was even more successful in its sport version launched in 2004. This version turns out even more fresh and citrusy with a pinch of spice, white musk and cedar.


Launched in the nineties, born to be timeless, Égoïste conveys the idea of ​​an energetic man, self-confident ed independent. It is a woody-floral musky scent and takes the name from the defect that women attribute more to men: selfishness.

The fragrance is loved so much precisely for the its being sensual and “oriental”. presents, in fact, Note which give freshness thanks to the presence of mandarin and coriander which are combined with the warmer notes of the Rose of the East and the wood of sandal.

He was much loved and certainly very well known television commercial that accompanied its release in those years. This perfume continues to please for its persistence and for the fact that its untiring fragrance. It can be worn by men of any age and gives vigor and character.

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