Florence Cocktail Week 2023

Florence Cocktail Week returns to Florence from 17 to the 23 April 2023. To precede the week edition of the event dedicated to conscious and quality drinking, la quarta edizione di Tuscany Cocktail Week, which will take place in the best 85 cocktail bar of 10 Tuscan provinces from 10 to the 16 April.

The Tuscan cocktail weeks organized by Paola Mencarelli follow the pattern of previous years and the latest Venice Cocktail Week and Cortina Cocktail Weekend.

  • Seven days of widespread events in selected cocktail bars. Tailored appointments with the main theme of conscious and quality drinking.
  • A week full of content. Eventi, masterclass, product and book presentations, guest with guests of Italian and international fame. All declined at different times of the day, from the Midday Aperitif to the Night Shift.
  • A drink list made up of 3 exclusive cocktails
    • 1 Signature Cocktail #FCW23 e #TCW23
    • 1 drink I reEsco a Bere Italiano dedicated to Made in Italy for Florence e 1 DRINK I RECEIVE DRINKING TOSCANO dedicated to Made in Tuscany for 10 province Toscane
    • 1 Eco Cocktail dedicated to sustainability

They are not missing interesting news for the editions 2023, which will see elements of the past reworked or eliminated to give life to a unique and dynamic project that develops a different idea of ​​enjoying the drink. Florence Cocktail Week is going to turn the spotlight on the signs of the place to allow newbies and mixology enthusiasts to get to know the different structures and the expertise of the barmen themselves, who through their creations promote the culture of drinking and the interaction between customer and operator.

“Our cocktail weeks are not standardized events”. Paola Mencarelli tells us. “To keep the energy and curiosity alive, I like to review the format every year, introducing novelties and modifying the points that become monotonous over time. Creating or riding fresh and valuable trends is for me a way to give life to unique and stimulating appointments”.

TUSCANY COCKTAIL WEEK. From 10 to the 16 April in the Tuscan provinces

Tuscany Cocktail Week returns to the 85 Best Cocktail Bars of the 10 Tuscan provinces from 10 to the 16 April. The first cocktail week in the world involving an entire region presents a great novelty in its fourth edition.

To open the dances of TCW a sparkling and unmissable appointment. The TCW23 OPENING PARTY, la sera di Sunday 9 aprile al “Jeffer cocktails & friends" of Pisa. A party dedicated to Tuscany Cocktail Week with the bartenders of the cocktail bars of the Tuscan provinces #TCW23.

FLORENCE COCKTAIL WEEK: 17 – 23 April 2023

The week edition of Florence Cocktail Week involves i 46 best cocktail bars in Florence divided into Hotel Bars and Cocktail Bars since 17 to the 23 April 2023.

Each selected venue has a Cocktail List #FCW23 created ad hoc for the event, where the bartenders give free rein to all their creativity. Non manca la afternoon educational part with seminars and masterclasses, aimed at product knowledge, mixing techniques and bar formats, as well as book presentations and in-depth cultural meetings. Ample space also forevening entertainment with themed events and parties, dedicated cocktail lists and the participation of Guest bartender among the best on the Italian and international scene.

The Cocktail Lists and the Events Calendar will be available on the website www.florencecocktailweek.it close to the event.

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