HSI and Mani of Naples at the Filangieri Museum

I have an appointment for Friday 17 March in Naples for the event "A night at the museum” at the prestigious location of Filangieri Museum in via Duomo 288. An event dedicated to social issues and elegance that will see two apparently different worlds interact but both sharing the same vision: a world in which to live better. The protagonists will be the international non-profit Humane Society International Europe and the association Hands of Naples.

HSI – Humane Society International is one of the leading forces for animal protection in the European Union, with active campaigns for the protection of wild fauna, for the reduction and replacement of animals in scientific and product tests, for the fight against slaughterhouses, for the protection of marine fauna and to improve the conditions of animals raised for their meat, leather and fur.

Hands of Naples was born as a non-profit association that aims to promote the culture of fashion and craftsmanship of excellence "made in Naples". Clothes and accessories that use quality materials for a product that lasts over time, for sustainable fashion, whose goal is to create thriving ecosystems and communities through its activity. The new frontier of green fashion includes precisely the increase in the value of production, of local products, of the life cycle of materials and the value of timeless clothing. With the great consequence of reducing the amount of waste and damage to the environment created by the production and consumption of products.

Guests can immerse themselves in works of art and precious artifacts, kept in the museum, who for the occasion will interact with the sartorial creations ofDalcuore tailoring, Calabrese 1924, Shapely tailoring, Knight tailoring. HSI representatives will follow – Humane Society International and Mani di Napoli will talk about the results achieved this year. Throughout the evening it will be possible to receive, against a free donation, a special cadeau created by HSI- Humane Society International and made in Naples.

Info: rsvpcomunicazioneitalia@gmail.com

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