Francois-Paul Journe carries on its research to invent and create innovative and functional watches. If for some it is almost easy to copy the style of his watches, the complexity of his technique is impossible to repeat. Following the creation of the Sovereign ringtone, with large and small ringtone, the ultimate on the complication scale, François-Paul Journe develops a new excellence: he Ultra-thin Sovereign Repeat, now available with sapphire crystal dial. After the Big and Small Ringtone in passage, the Minute Repeater is the most complex complication of Haute Horlogerie and requires in-depth technical knowledge and great artistic skills. The oldest known minute repeater clock today was made in Friedberg (Germany) in 1710 about. His invention made it possible to know the time in the absence of light by pressing a button located on the cash register. Unbound from the button, this complication allows you to know the exact time by means of two hammers that strike the hours by beating on acoustic timbres, the quarters and the minutes. Ufficio Stampa: WORD OF MOUTH RP - Via Monferrato, 9 – 20144 Milan - Tel. 02 29008307 – info@passaparolarp.com Con il Sovereign Rehearsal, François-Paul Journe once again surprises the world of watchmaking. To get to develop the ultra-flat movement of just 4.50 mm thick had to reinvent the complex mechanism of the Minute Repeater. Closer to a simple hand-wound caliber than to a Grande Complication, it is equally capable of reproducing perfect sound. This creation is the subject of two patents. The patented movement of the Répétition Souveraine Two fundamental technical inventions allowed François-Paul Journe to build an ultra-flat Minute Repeater movement with a crystal clear sound. The first is the flat acoustic timbre which is also found in the Sonnerie Souveraine and which produces a louder and clearer sound than traditional timbres.. The system positioned under the dial, and not around movement, allows you to have more space available. The second patent concerns the rake system and hammer mechanics, which take up less space than the conventional system. The Répétition Souveraine by François-Paul Journe differs from the traditional one as it uses the same hammer to strike hours and minutes. A pause is automatically inserted between the hour and minute scans when there are no quarters to beat. The latter play conventionally on two different keys. An inertial flywheel controls the speed of the ringtones, effectively eliminating the annoying background noise normally associated with traditional anchors.


The Case No material resonates better than steel. Francois-Paul Journe, confirming a character that leads him to never compromise, has chosen performance and functionality as a priority. In search of maximum sonority, The case of the Répétition Souveraine is made of steel, come per il Ringtone Sovereign. The Movement The hand-wound mechanical movement has rose gold plates and bridges 18 Carat. Two barrels work in parallel to provide a force that remains stable for much of the power reserve of 56 hours. The balance wheel swings a 21.600 other/time; it is without racket, with variable inertia distributed on four weights positioned in opposition and undergoes a dynamic adjustment. The Dial The dial is in smoked sapphire glass with hand-lacquered ivory numbers. In this version it is possible to admire the beautiful and complex movement on both sides: on the dial side, the hammers, the mirror polished steel levers and rakes stand out against the rose gold plate 18 Carat. As soon as the minute repeater is activated, these elements move simultaneously in a fascinating combination, to strike quarter hours and minutes. Numerous components in a minimal volume Although the Répétition Souverain shares its technical heritage with the Chronomètre Souverain, the complexity of the minute repeater function requires about twice as many components as its parent. Despite this, François – Paul Journe managed to create a movement of just 4.50 mm thick e 32.20 mm di diametro, mounted in a case of 40 mm di diametro.

Scheda tecnica Repetition Souveraine Sapphire Movement: Caliber N ° 1408 Platìne and bridges in rose gold 18 ct. Manual winding: 38 winding shaft revolutions Movement size: Movement diameter: 32.20 mm Inner case diameter: 31.60 mm Movement thickness: 4.50mm Axis height of the Tige: 2.38 mm Thread diameter of the rod: S0.90 Barbell: Variable inertia with 4 adjustable compensation weights Flat spiral Anachron Without racket Brings – mobile python Laser welded virolage GE goupillé python Frequency: 21,600 v/h (3Hz) Inertia: 10.10 mg / cm2 Anchor raising angle: 52° Amplitude of the balance wheel: all loaded > 320° after 24h > 280° Main features: Minute repetition on request Time correction in position 2 Slide to start the repetition Linear escapement, escape wheel a 15 teeth Tige a 2 posizioni 2 barrels in parallel Indications: in ivory on smoked sapphire crystal Hours and minutes in the center Small seconds at the hours 7.30 Power reserve by the hour 3 View on the ringer hammers

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