John Richmond Kids primavera estate 2023

"I have strange taste" this is the mood of JOHN RICHMOND collection for the Kids line of next Spring-Summer 2023. Structure, color and emotion dominate the season characterized by balanced contrasts and all-over graphics. A lively and rebellious proposal, that plays with the key concepts of the maison: the Punk, the gothic and military inspirations.

As a call to fun, the collection unfolds offering original combinations of workmanship and a panorama of shapes, constantly evolving graphics and details. Among the highlights of the collection, denim, that revisited in a tailoring key for boys becomes instead a playful patchwork with gothic cartoon prints in the girl dimension.
Stencil and overlay graphics, they are reinvented in a blurred version or even enriched with brooches, hinges and studs.

Mena Marano

The JOHN RICHMOND logo proposed in all-over print, geometrica, spiral, or with blurred outlines is completed with a new version in the Gothic style.
Wild also the palette that from the animal prints in bright pop colors such as yellow, red, green and pink passes to the more characteristic whites and blacks in a gothic street version.

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