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Today the world of the spa has gone beyond the simple use of water and has become a broader synonym of wellness and taking care of oneself, regenerating. For those with a passion for spa practices and do not want to give up a beneficial treatment, to be enjoyed privately or to be shared at your own home, Fluidra provides its experience and professionalism to 360 degrees to offer creations that are not only functional and efficient, but always in the name of superior design and refinement in every detail. The possibilities of recreating an impeccable environment, comfortable and luxurious go hand in hand with unsurpassed technical expertise, to allow its customers to create an exclusive and personalized environment, perfectly integrated into the atmosphere of the rooms. The house in fact, is the right place to design and build the most elegant spas in the world.


An aesthetic inspired by the nature that surrounds us, the spa Astralpool by Fluidra they are created to provide the most advanced hydrotherapy experience. Also suitable as minipiscine. With an area of ​​over 2 meters for swimming or sports, the Longobards allows you to keep fit with a fitness session, and then relax with the whirlpool. The “Fitness pack” offered by this Astralpool by Fluidra solution, it consists of the swimming harness, which allows you to train and swim despite the small size of the pool, elastic rubbers that can be anchored to the stainless steel bars and that can be combined to perform different exercises and finally the rowing option, a great exercise for the upper torso. The Swimspa allows you to heat the water and keep it at the desired temperature, in order to allow prolonged use throughout the year, regardless of the outside temperature. The combination of Playa and Compact allows you to enjoy the element of water in all its facets from relaxation, to sport. Elegantly finished with jet and stainless steel bar. The external cabinet is available exclusively in Coastal Gray color, while for the internal tank it is possible to choose between different colors. The ultraviolet disinfection system, thanks to UV rays, destroys the bacteria present in the water. This type of disinfection drastically reduces the use of chlorine and will eliminate bacteria, mold and algae, protecting the tank from germs without the need for any type of maintenance.

Swimspa Compact it is equipped with chromotherapy, natural technique based on the use of colors to help mind and body find their natural balance. Thanks to the Lumiplus system, composed of 5 fari LED, you can choose the color that best suits the environment or the moment you are living in. Fluidra Commerciale Italia S.p.A. Unipersonale Subject to the direction and coordination of Fluidra Services Italia Srl Via Trebocche, 7/G – 25081, Bedizzole (BS), ItalyT. +39 030 687 0441| F. +39 030 687 0571 Email: |PEC: Technical characteristics Dimensions = 400 x 230 x 138 cm Places (seated / lying) = 1 lying Jet = 18 + 5 Turbo jet Digital control panel = 2 High-strength metal structure = Yes Insulating Abs base = Yes Isothermal cover = Yes Lumiplus LED lighting system = Yes Stainless steel jet = Yes Filtration pump = 250 W Massage pump = 3 x 2,5 kW / 3 CV Electric heat exchanger = 3 kW Power required Low Amp = 7.000 W Power needed a 230 V = 30,4 A Voltage = 230 V o 400 VIII Volume of water = 6.000 l Empty Spa Weight / milk = 1.150 kg / 7.150 kg Optional Accessories Bluetooth Audio System - allows you to play music from any mobile phone, mp4 or audio system with coverage up to 7m. This system 4.1 consists 4 external speakers, an internal subwoofer and a bluetooth receiver. EcoSpa thermal insulation - system that allows you to minimize heat losses by convection or conduction and to exploit the heat generated by the exchanger and the pumps located inside the spa. The walls are insulated with an exclusive polyurethane foam system from 30 mm thick. A sturdy substructure in insulating ABS in the base of the spa guarantees a perfect seal. Finally, an isothermal cover of thickness from 100 a 130 cm guarantees further insulation. All of these elements minimize heat loss and maximize the recovery of the heat generated by the spa installations, reducing energy consumption up to a 67% and allowing savings of over 2.000 kW all’anno, keeping the spa at 37 ° C in the open air with an average temperature of 14 °C. With EcoSpa, the consumption to keep the water in the tank at 38 ° with an external temperature of 20 ° is 6,48 kW / H, without this system the consumption would be 18,52 kHWH.

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