It is a continuous creative dialogue that between Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga, which today give life to a new one
creazione, fruit of their common desire to reveal the harmony that takes shape in tensions, in
balance between polarity and duality.
For Dom Pérignon there is always an interaction between his timeless aesthetic ideal and the personality of the
single vintage, a dialogue between freshness and maturity, luci e ombre. For Lady Gaga there is the will to
to combine different cultural codes, the paradox between the popular and the avant-garde, taking possession of the rules
classiche, reinterpreting them to go beyond the limits of creativity.
A Limited Edition that plays on a creative tension For this new limited edition of Dom Perignon Rosé Vintage 2008, the two creative souls translate their expressive tensions into a design that seems to almost explode into space. The deconstructed coffret expands from the inside, as if it wanted to escape its own form, giving the metal an almost ethereal character. All the elements harmoniously attract each other, capturing that intense vibration so loved by those who feel an emotional connection with the creations of Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga – whose collaboration was unveiled last year.
When Dom Pérignon chooses to be Rose, it is in the name of freedom: the freedom to go beyond
conventions, capturing the red splendor of Pinot Noir in its primordial radiance and capturing it
vital energy in a bold and decisive assembly.
The bouquet of Dom Perignon Rosé Vintage 2008 opens immediately on aromas of raspberry and strawberry
wild. Powdery notes of iris and violet soon blend with the fruity aromas and persist.
Letting it breathe, the wine reveals greener shades, that evoke the privet, the angelica and the leaves of
camphor. On the palate the first sensations are tactile, fleshy, setose. They unfold like a caress that,
little by little, becomes more decisive. the acid plot, signature of this vintage, creeps into the structure of the
Pinot Noir and makes the heart of the wine beat. The end, with hints of peony and white pepper, it is decided and

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