Boucheron: Jaipur Bracelet

Nasce Jaipur Bracelet, the latest creation of the family Boucheron.

The latest creation of this noble family is a true Boucheron is just luck and contains within it all the sensuality of the region of Rajasthan.

The first way is striking is certainly the view. In fact, we are intrigued by the shape somewhat refined fragrance that embodies a particular way. In fact, the bottle has the particular form of jewelry and is sculpted as if it were a precious bracelet, the glass, pink is a tribute to the palaces of Jaipur city. It’ a precious jewel and as each becomes an object of desire.

When we open the bottle feel a sparkling debut dates from the citrus notes of Bitter Orange, Basil and Violet Leaves, with a heart of lily of the valley and Giancinto.

The base notes, dates from the wood of Cashmere, Cypress and dust Iris highlight the fragrance.

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