“Soliloqui with nature” Villa Camperio

From 6 to the 14 September 2014, Sample Luigi Bello - Mauro Davoli, Soliloqui with nature, edited by Karin Reisovà and organized by Areacreativa42, will open the event Rare fruit in Holy, meeting point between nature and man. In the exhibition rooms of Villa Camperio the works of the two artists are related to share an atmosphere of silence where the voices and written words are superfluous.

The exhibition is organized by Areacreativa42 born in 2008 and established the House Toesca, in the center of Rivarolo Canavese (Turin). Rare fruits to the Holy is organized by Thuja Lab Association of Social Promotion, promoted by Proloco Villasanta collaboration with Claudia Marchionni and with the sponsorship of Lombardy Region, Province of Monza and Brianza, City of Villasanta, Expo MILANO 2015.

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