Slitti inaugurates the first flagship in Florence

For gourmands and chocolate lovers in Florence there is a new address to mark on the agenda: Sleds Oil Square 6. Very true! Sleds, storica Monsummano Terme Chocolate Factory, chooses Florence to launch a new phase of the brand which will develop along two new lines – internationalization and retail – keeping mastery at the center of the growth project by master chocolatier Andrea Slitti, recognized as one of the most important artisan chocolatiers in the world, and the excellence of its products, which they have already conquered further 180 premi.

Andrea Slitti

“The new store in Florence is not just a physical place, but it represents in all respects what Slitti is: craftsmanship, attention to raw materials, attention to detail, creativity and also the ability of chocolate to bring people together – spiega Andrea SlittiWe are delighted to start this new phase of growth for the company from Florence: this opening marks the beginning of a new path of development and evolution of the Slitti brand from an international and retail perspective. The new store was born as a scalable and replicable format, which will allow you to experience the Slitti experience at 360° and to discover and taste our preparations, from the chocolate ones, the special coffee ones, from classic pastry making to waffles, ice cream and cakes, up to savory preparations, like dunks, croutons, tartare, savory croissants and much more.”

The Slitti store in Florence covers an area of ​​over 150 square meters with approx 30 covered and will be organized into four main areas designed to enhance the two flagship products: chocolate and coffee. It will be possible to taste different coffee blends as well as a wide selection of hot chocolates and affogatos. A showcase is reserved for chocolate which will accommodate more than 40 types of pralines, including those at Caffè Turco winners of the Tavoletta d'Oro Award 2023. A third showcase will be dedicated to freshly prepared pastries and artisanal specialties such as churros and waffles enriched with fine spreadable creams, krapfen filled with artisanal Slitti ice cream and artisanal cakes such as the classic Torta della Nonna revisited in a Slitti style. Finally, the corner dedicated to sales where it will also be possible to purchase a vast selection of award-winning products, like the new Calabacita Figs stuffed with sambuca, the GranCacao Bar 73%, or the Gianera Spreadable Cream.

The flagship of Sleds it also includes savory dishes with gourmet dishes that include a wide selection of stuffed flatbreads, like the one with crumbles, artichokes and pecorino cream, croutons, from the one with gorgonzola, pere, nuts and honey to the one with burrata, dried tomatoes and anchovies, up to the tartares of fine Piedmontese adult veal, then savory croissants and much more.

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