Fashion show Istituto Marangoni Firenze at Pitti Uomo 102


Istituto Marangoni Florence celebrates the projects of Best Multimedia Artists and gods Best Fashion Designer of the year with an exclusive event on 15 June to Museo Marino Marini Florence. A new format that of Fashion & Art Show, chosen by the Florentine School of the Group to highlight the synergy within the academic offer of Art and Fashion courses that increasingly dialogue with each other to offer students a new vision of two increasingly interconnected worlds.
Everywhere, Here, Nowhere celebrates a contemporary idea of ​​realism, that perceives a multifaceted reality, straddling physical spaces, digitali or phy-gitali. A path that develops inside the Marino Marini Museum, which becomes the fulcrum of a larger project, with the exhibition of video installations and augmented reality artwork by Multimedia Arts students: Noemi Messina, Adan Flores, Four Ooyama, Marcella Olivieri. An immersive itinerary in which light, fundamental element e
characterizing the museum structure, it cancels itself out to leave room for a game of abstractions and enveloping sounds.

Continuing on their path, among the sculptures of Marini - the creations of the best students of Fashion Design parade, selected by an international jury. Laetitia Wen, Lucrezia Veltroni, Nicholas Piano, XingXing Su, Urtè Ilginyté, Alejandra Martine De Castro, Sana Kirshna, Montserrat Macias Cervello, Lydia Schneider and Ahijin Shim will present their collections for the first time, which will come alive within an all-encompassing digital experience.
The collections accompanied by a series of projection mappings on the walls of the Museum, generated by artificial intelligence: flowers, natural elements, landscapes and abstract images give life to places that only exist
where reality and digital perspective meet. Familiar places, reminiscent of the real, but nonexistent in physical reality alone, suspended in a place with blurred borders where art and fashion coexist in a flourishing and timeless union that highlights the technological mediation that we perceive today in visual culture.

The show was accompanied by a soundtrack created by the sound design of Emiliano Zelada, artist and Tutor of Istituto Marangoni Firenze, whose work emulates AI, translating inputs and stimuli into sound sequences.
The journey to discover the projects of the School of Fashion & Art continues through the presentation of the RE project:MIXING THE CITY (might delete later). Under the guidance of Andy Picci, Digital Artist e I’M Mentor, the students of the Multimedia Arts course have carried out a large-scale project that covers the historic center of Florence and includes seven iconic places linked to the rich history of fashion of the city, including Palazzo Vecchio, the Church of Orsanmichele and the station of Santa Maria Novella. The symbolic places of the city become the background of digital works of art and will be enhanced and made visible through Instagram filters created with the use of augmented reality.

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