Giorgia Maggi wins The FinalWork 2019 Academy Altieri

On stage "Power of Naturethe Finalwork 2019 Altieri Academy of Fashion and Art included in the official calendar of AltaRoma. A jury of excellence, It composed of designers and trade journalists, decreed winner 2019 Giorgia Maggi.

Giorgia Maggi

Creativeness, craftsmanship and originality, also unconventional, protagonists of the evening. In a world where concern for the environment is the main theme of the international debate fits the theme tackled by the designers of the 3rd year students: nature in its wonderful purity and simplicity.

Leading the parade staged a dress / costume that represents all the various specializations offered by the Accademia Altieri: stilismo, model and tailoring, window dresser&visual, makeup and hairstyle. The runway collection is characterized by its enveloping and protective lines that create delicate clothes. A sensual femininity, but at the same time modern and international, with three-dimensional floral elements from light but bright colors that, in some cases, fade in transparency. Great attention to the work by the students of the 2nd year that are inspired by zip, a small but indispensable accessory, transforming it from a functional element in the decorative element.

The project was carried out through a partnership with the company history "lightning”, founded in 1887, of Giovanni Lanfranchi. Space also for students of 1st year who present outfits where networks, trasparenze, macramé gold and silver are accompanied by white fur applications, rossa e nera.

Dresses with Lightning

read lines and dynamics characterize their creations. The Academy Altieri, This edition, It boasts a valuable partnership con il Master Silenus Cheloni Florence.

Silenus Cheloni

The perfumer-explorer who mix rare natural raw materials, essences and fragrances in a symphony alchemical very personal and customizable.

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