Pierre-Louis Mascia autumn winter 2023-24

The creative inspiration of Pierre-Louis Mascia for the Fall/Winter collection 2023-24 trae origine dal termine greco Philokalia: literally, love for what is beautiful. A beauty that goes beyond aesthetic canons and that – mirroring itself in the concepts of truth, good and right – also wants to represent a spiritual value. The French designer starts from what we have been, from ancient civilizations that disappeared after reaching the apogee of splendour: an exciting iconographic journey that through shapes and colors defines the different expressions of beauty, celebrating the greatness of the human being and at the same time remembering its fragile and transitory nature.

In this way, influences and suggestions of great beauty reverberate in the items of the collection, which return as an absolute reference: from the art of Byzantine mosaics, to the austere stretch - but with ample concessions to color - of medieval symbolism, up to the imaginative power of Arthur Rimbaud's poems. One of the most recurring themes of the collection is the natural element, which is evoked by Pierre-Louis Mascia through applications, decorations and placements of graphics and floral elements that dialogue with the monogram of the new logo. Precious printed velvets characterize capes with essential but enveloping lines, which create a feeling of protection and reaffirm a vision of unostentatious luxury, while the color palette finds its focus in the warm Pamplemousse shades, Rose Ancien and Vermillion.

Philocalie wants to represent an anthology of nature, culture, arte e moda, which finds expression on the fabrics made by Achille Pinto; the company right in 2023 will celebrate fifteen years of partnership with the brand.

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