John Richmond Kids fall winter 2023-2024

John Richmond Kids preview the autumn-winter collection 2023 Pitti Immagine Bimbo 96 characterized by a strong streetwear and underground connotation reproposed in a fashion key
contemporary. Aimed at a strong and gritty audience, structure and color dominate this season
in perfect mix with the classic colors of the brand. A lively and rebellious proposal that plays with concepts
house key: he rocks, gothic inspirations and the military. He rocks, always been a distinctive feature of
marchio, this season it is expressed not only through the iconography of all over, which puts
together the various identity elements of the brand in collage style but also through the use of patches
depicting the vinyl disc. As a call to fun, the collection winds offering
original combinations of processes and a panorama of shapes, continuous graphics and details

Rock elements mix with gothic-style all-over prints and elements, always a common thread,
of all seasons. Three worlds differentiated by the use of colours: I Best Seller dominati dal off white and
total black mixed with trendy colors such as emerald green and amethyst purple. The classic comes
interpreted in a contemporary key where the pinstripe is broken up by college-style sponge patches
and inserts in contrast with the iconic piercing detail. Simple garments are enhanced by chains
and picks and the girl is more feminine thanks to the integration of pink and glam applications such as rhinestones,
worked stones and patches that embellish the garments. Dailywear offers an adaptable choice to
casual contexts where we see the boy with the classic revisited camouflage, mixed with the JR monogram. In
girl the iconic flag print is reproduced, also used in duvets, as well as in the prints and
applications of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Finally, the Ceremony garments with an animalier proposal combined with the logo
with gothic font together with simpler garments but which always represent the Richmond style. A
collection that incorporates the various facets of the broad and dynamic world of John Richmond.

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