Mercedes-Benz #Iosonoelettrica a Firenze

Dopo Roma è Firenze la seconda tappa del tour #IoSonoElettrica that will touch well 14 Italian cities in mei October and November. And’ It was the Mayor Dario Nardella to withdraw a Classe B Electric Drive that joined the fleet of the City of Florence, underlining the commitment of the Tuscan capital in the promotion and development of environmentally friendly solutions for the city.
Dario Nardella: “The drive toward the electric part of an overall strategy that aims to reduce emissions of 20% by 2020 and that holds together even the pedestrianization, Structure Plan to 'zero volume', the new one for new taxi licenses only by those with an electric car, the electric car sharing. A project that aims not only to reduce pollution, but looking at the future of Florence”.

Five years ago, Smart and the project e-mobility Italy with Enel we were the first to talk about the future electric mobility in Italy. Today we are launching a new phase in which the protagonist even with the Mercedes B-Class 100% Electric”, said Roland Schell, President of Mercedes-Benz in Italy. “Even then we sottolineavamo the importance of a system and is now a great pleasure for me to continue this journey alongside many partners, institutions and stakeholders, ready to build with us a real culture of electric mobility.”

With #IoSonoElettrica, Mercedes-Benz says today that future zero emissions with ACI, Enel and Michelin: stakeholders, institutions and partners engaged in the respective roles and responsibilities in the common objective of the development of electric mobility. Also, the three B-Class Electric Drive engaged in the tour will be among the leaders of the National Congress of ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities.
The new Classe B Electric Drive It is environmentally friendly, beautiful and fun to drive thanks to its powertrain with lithium-ion battery that provides well 180 CV (132 kW) and 340 Nm of maximum torque at idle, ensuring sporting performance, and a range of about 200 kilometer zero local emissions.

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