The new brand 'Zucchina Chiara from Bologna’


The Bolognese courgette, historical product of the Emilian territory, obtains the collective protection mark 'Zucchina chiara di Bologna'. The initiative is from Agribologna Consortium – Agribologna Group, that with months of dedicated work has developed the 'Production RegulationsAnd the brand that, placed on the packaging, guarantees to the consumer: origin, quality and method of cultivation of courgettes.

Typical 'barrel' shape, light green color with whitish spots, length between 7 e i 14 cm, weight between 70 e i 150 Article, isthe identikit of the 'light Zucchini of Bologna', subject to the protection of the new trademark. Theproduction area includes exclusively the territory of Bologna and its province. The 'Light Zucchini of Bologna' is marketed in cardboard trays of 500/600 gr for large retailers, and in bulk form in recycled plastic baskets for the traditional retail channel. From an environmental point of view, maximum attention is paid to the sustainability and recyclability of the packaging, particularly important in this case, considering the extreme delicacy of the product.

“We wanted and sought this result with great commitment. Obtaining the collective mark, synonymous with guarantee and certification, per questo prodotto, always at the center of our members' horticultural production, for us it means signing a new stage on our journey, of enhancement of territories and horticultural productions "is the comment of the President of the Agribologna Consortium, Franco Linguerri. "The brand was created with the aim of guaranteeing origin, naturalness and quality of the product, with close targeted control that, from production to packaging, ensure traceability and traceability of the entire production chain. We also intend to bring producers closer to consumers at the same time, with the further aim of increasing the perception of the value of the producers' work, in a historical period in which consumers can be confused by a very strong supply of goods and services and risk forgetting the value of local and national food products produced with hard work, passion, in compliance with environmental and social values. We are really proud of this achievement, for the protection of consumers and all those who dedicate their commitment and their work to the 'Zucchini chiara di Bologna'. It is a historical product, with which we intend to look to the future, with great attention also with regard to the evolution of prices on the market, which must be able to guarantee high levels of quality and healthiness, typical of Italian courgettes. Let's not forget that courgette is the second horticultural one, in terms of sales volumes in large-scale distribution, in our country. Our next step is to obtain the Protected Geographical Indication. "

The Bolognese courgette has deep roots in the territory, fruit of traditions and crops handed down from generation to generation. The particular combination of production factors, such as the ability of farmers and the craftsmanship of product preparation, together with the pedoclimatic characteristics of the area concerned, has allowed this production to differentiate itself, becoming a product of recognized quality and prestigelocally, national and international and from today subject to collective trademark protection. Affectionate consumers, or new, they will know – thanks to the protection mark – to always find in the product all the characteristics that distinguish the 'Light Zucchini from Bologna '.

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