FLAIR: Olimpia Benini Paintings ǀ Elie Hirsch Sculptures

From 13 December 2016 to the 27 January 2017 showcased by FLAIR a selection of works by Olimpia Benini e Elie Hirsch, paintings and refined aesthetic sculptures, that has always characterized the work of the Florentine gallery, that includes everything from the latest creations by masters of design and fine arts Contemporary.
Up to 27 January 2017 They will see the works of the Russian table series roots of Olympia Benini, where cool colors and materials brushstrokes evoke the autumn landscapes of Russia with its nature "soggy, uncomfortable and desolate ", as he writes Gogol Dead Souls, the book that inspired the artist's work. The materials used, chosen for the different refractive qualities of the light and textures, are stucco coated, silver leaf, bitumen of Judea, metallic paint and jute.

sculptures by Elie Hirsch
for affiancarle 11 sculptures by the French artist Elie Hirsch patinated brass with solid wood bases, recalling, with scrolls, circles, forms that bloom corolla or intertwine on themselves, the sinuous and sensuality of the human body and invite the observer to move with them.
Olimpia Benini Paintings ǀ Elie Hirsch Sculptures
Inauguration 13 December at 18.00
13 December 2016 – 27 January 2017
Palazzo Bonaparte Gianfigliazzi
Lungarno Corsini 24R – Florence
hours from Monday to Friday 10 – 13 / 14 – 19, Saturday by appointment only

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