CO|TE Fall Winter 2014-15

CO|TE, the brand founded by designers Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi, presents for the next Fall Winter 2014/2015 a collection that blends femininity, details stolen sportswear and geometric lines.
Prints, are inspired by the animal world and the botanical world, embroidery and workmanship make valuable combinations of colors and materials giving the collection a decidedly contemporary twist.
The shades of red irreverent run through the whole collection: a color that comes in leading clothing dress, weekend pants, basket short in ecopelle, and becomes actor in the press "Snowflake" illuminating the total look and coloring accessories like the "Boxy Bag”. The palette of the collection chooses tones full, strong, such as blue, purple, the black, green oil, broken occasionally by touches of white or warm.
Accessories play with the materials and enriched with precious details. La Boxy Bag, become the it bag of the brand, choose the red paint and black coco to complete so strong and determined every outfit. The buckles approach metals such as brass and nickel in white methacrylate.

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