Ranking Fashion Blogger October 2014

Ranking of 50 Italian blogger of the month of October 2014. On the web there is room for everyone and every brand can choose your favorite blog.
CAUTION We have found that many bloggers buy fake Twitter followers. Do not be fooled by the large numbers! Use this program http://fakers.statuspeople.com/
Questa our ranks dei 50 Italian fashion blogger for the month of October 2014:


Share your look or your article on scenario click Share Your Look. The look the most votes each month will be shared on the social pages.
Each month we will publish the list of the most followed Italian Fashion Blogger. To submit your blog for consideration also insert your link in the comments section.
The following ranking of Italian fashion blogger does not take into account only the Alexa.
Blog ranking is made based on the score calculated by crossing different parameters: link in entrata, shares of the posts on Facebook, Twitter, google plus, Instagram. We penalized bloggers who buy fake followers and “I like it” on the photos to instagram.
Reward blogs using quality photographs.
The blog was created as a personal diary and must be written by a single author. Excludes those blogs that are run by different people internally with external collaborators also (are small newsrooms).


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