The style is William Man

When vanity is man ...! I would say so, yes. Today hardly a man gives up taking care of your body as clothing. And it is for people and their universe that was born William The Style Man is created and produced by Emilio Sturla Furnò, Erika Gottardi and Massimiliano Piccinno.

An event which attracted large numbers of visitors, over two hundred guests between managers, businessman, attori, giornalisti.

A precious selection of clothing, quality products and accessories, the work of artisans chosen for their history and respect for tradition.

This first edition of the event was held in the elegant spaces of The First Luxury Art Hotel Via del Advantage 14 a stone's throw from Piazza del Popolo.

An elegant niche between clothes, shirts, ties, shoes, accessories and many other products that marked the presence of institutional characters and not: l’Ambasciatore d’Austria Christian Berlakovitz, Ambassador of Cyprus Leonidas Markides, l’Ambasciatore di Slovenia Iztok Mirosic, Kaspar Capparoni, Alex Partexano, Sebastiano Somma, Renzo Musumeci Greek, Vincenzo Bocciarelli, Michele La Stella, Marco Cesati Cassin, il principe Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi, Marquis Giuseppe Lambrech, Sandro Castro, Antonio Curti.

Many ladies who welcomed the elegant invitation, strictly in sky blue, to explore the world of elegant Him, point: Manuela Kustermann, Sandra Cioffi rings, Valeria Mangani, Samya Abbary, Linda Batista, Maria Grazia Nazzari, Irene Bozzi, Mariolina Palumbo, Francesca Barbi Marinetti, soprano Laura Migliaccio, Giada Curti, Bianca Maria Lucibelli, Elena vinegar Carpiglia.

For everyone, Also welcome cocktail on the terrace on the sixth floor with stunning views and sunset over the city welcomed by the Director-art hotel Giuseppe Falconieri and his deputy Cynthia Saccani. live international music selection by Giancarlo Pes to accompany the champagne toast and fruit punch and non-alcoholic entrée.

The brand Giosbrun, the elegant tailoring of Via Monti Parioli, proposed and illustrated outfits, shirts and tailored shoes designed by fashion designer Nazarene Brunetti.

The famous neckties signed Marinella, i walking sticks di Astrologo Silverware. who exposed walking sticks and shoehorn customizable silver. For He also tasting combinations of Italian cigars, champagne and spirits from around the world and a pill – dedicated, appunto, man-chic – black velvety filling of crunchy rum designed and custom colored for the occasion by Antonio Maria Arbues.

Elegance is also arrive on time with the London cab elegant Aurora Service, exposed outdoors to art-hotel that offered tours to the center of Rome to guests.

also set up a reading corner with "The true story of Dorian Gray" by Vincenzo Lagioia the book that tells the story of the young poet actually existed that inspired Oscar Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray".

The path has been enriched, finally, an area dedicated to the cult object for him under the brand Vintachic, clothing and accessories vintage collectibles.

Contributors to the event even the Champagne brand & Co., which offered guests a fine selection of champagne, MS Fashion, Laura Mantovi Event Stylist and the Institute for Tourism Services V. Gioberti Via della Paglia in Rome.




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