WHO*S WHO inaugura a Milano

Unquestionable effect of UAU Store Who * s Who whose new concept, signed by the extraordinary architect Fabio Novembre, It was presented in Corso Venezia in Milan during the opening day of the Salone del Mobile, 8 April.

The first mononarca Milanese Who*s Who, characterized by perspective effects and reminiscent of Michelangelo, is an amazing space and surreal that acts as a stage in a collection stylistically and chromatically kaleidoscopic. The walls, made of wrought steel, reflect a reality amplified linear but close to the floor that slopes progressively along the path of the store, intensifying the spaces.

Accompanied by the music of Natasha Slater, among the guests invited by the owner Massimiliano Dossi, there have been Fabio Novembre with the beautiful wife Candle and other well-known characters in the television landscape and artistic, including Elena Barolo and Paola Maugeri.

of Francesca Nicolo



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