White Party al Tabata di Porto Cervo

Saturday 14 July 2012

And 'the Tabata Porto Cervo: glamour , Extremely elegant and refined, the “pearl”, the only real meeting point of the Costa Smeralda, the choice of location MANTELLASSI 1926 to present, a preview, the unique and very exclusive capsule collection “ESMERALDA” an “White Gala’” for the official inauguration of discoclub.

Again Franco Becchio with his experience and professionalism and Barbara Meoni Delmastro with its unmistakable, incomparable charm, owners not only of Tabata Porto Cervo but also the Tabata Sestriere, Le Vele Alassio and Tabata City Torino, They have succeeded in creating an exclusive environment: Persian carpets, paintings by Osvaldo Malvizzati Sardinian painter adorning the walls, three art galleries of famous painters in all the way inside the room.

The furniture designed and made by Mantellassi 1926 for the private room of Tabata Porto Cervo have an extraordinary personality, where the taste for excellence and the pursuit of perfection are in brilliant insights and are inspired by the natural wonders of Costa Smeralda, by her beauty “wilderness”. And so then armchairs, sofas, dormeuse, coffee tables made of fine wood and are lacquered with multicolor particular to sketch paint treatment, sessions, in high-quality linen fabric, in perfect harmony blend to drums in the colors of bright green, like the Mediterranean, the pale pink until you reach the fluorescent pink, as the sand of some beaches, the natural, blue that becomes more and more intense as the colors of the Sardinian Seas: now Emerald, blue hour, now an indefinable transparency. The feeling is that each object is placed there in perfect harmony of shapes and colors, studied in detail to be “one and only” and unrepeatable.

A private room specially designed and built by MANTELLASSI 1926 which results in a solar “explosion” of shades: has tratti sommesse, at times “bullies”, broadcasting “exhilaration”, a style and a “revisiting” the discreet luxury but always unmistakable.


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