Teatre Principal in Barcelona

Lío Ibiza leaves the island for the first time and will perform at the Teatre Principal in Barcelona for the next several weeks.
The Teatre Principal, the oldest theater in Barcelona and indeed in all of Europe, is once again raising its curtains. The opening comes five centuries after its inauguration in 1597 and an eight-year hiatus.
The opening concludes the first stage in the restoration of the Teatre Principal. This phase included the theater’s main hall, the Sala Latino (the former Lion Doré cabaret and later the first adult movie theater in Barcelona) and the façade, which has been restored to the original polychrome dating back to 1845.
Performing arts, theater, musical theater, live music, concerts, large-format shows, matinees for children, musical culture club
With the conclusion of this first stage, the Teatre Principal will resume its performing arts activities, offering programming in the two halls: theater, musical theater, live music, concerts, large-scale performances, matinees for children, cinema and a musical culture club.
The main hall will be used primarily for large-scale performances, concerts, musical theater and produc- tions where the audience can dine in the amphitheater restaurant and/or view the show from the seats.
As the smaller of the two halls, the Sala Latino will be used for theater, cinema, live music, matinees for children, etc.

The Rambla 27 08002, Barcelona 934 123 129
Teatre Principal www.teatreprincipalbcn.com

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