Take-Two Teen al Pitti Bimbo 2012

Linea Boy

WELCOME TO THE BEAT: Carnaby Street di Londra sembra essere la location ideale di questo tema ispirato ai favolosi anni Sessanta. The fleece jacket has a classic cut joins innovative cuts declined in stripes mix and fake Oxford. Jacquard stripes and diamonds for shirts and cardigans that appear under the comforter is proposed in total black and with colored inserts.

WILD DAYS: Indian reserves and the vast expanses of the Yukon are the backdrop to this line. Ecopellicce and sweatshirts in combination with t-shirts with graphic nature-related. Plaid shirts with a classic cut and mesh inserts or colored stripes for a decidedly country Dress. The model-looking denim work, has an earthy and dirtying of the characteristic three-dimensional whiskers that make unique the head, equipped with rivets and buttons from blackened gunmetal tones.

HOWARD HOUSE: Harlem, Manhattan, Brooklin: the look is grittier and metropolitan, declined in bright colors. Bordeaux, garnet, forest combined to classic navy and gray melange, all rigorously treated to give a flavor much vintage. The bomber is proposed both in sweatshirt in a mix of fabrics from shirts.

CITY TRAVELLER: AI2012 the new season, T-shirts printed with photographic images related to large cities such as Tokyo, San Francisco, New York e Londra, become funny gift ideas in conjunction with the multi-purpose bags inside of which are showing.



SILENT MOVIE: The mood refers to tailoring atmospheres of the '50s. Here then trapezoidal volumes and rounded collar jackets pair with slim trousers with satin inserts, the taste Chanel coat and lace and sequins dress. The graphics have a retro feel, from old typewriter to photos in a dreamy girl black and white era up to the slogan "I love coco", omaggio alla famosa icona di moda. Il pantalone nero si alterna una volta personalizzato da mini-borchiette e strass, another with a valuable swarowsky tape that gives a glamorous effect to 5 pockets suitable for a 'special occasion.

LONDON SIXTIES: E’ uno swinging london revival in chiave bon-ton. Jackets and coats with macro buttons classic cut. Prints vaguely optical and dresses from the bell-shaped cut with rhinestones or with small touches of lurex. print games for t-shirt glamor: the flag studded with rhinestones and studs to Londoners mini bus to the map of London.

The pockets of the most distinctive features are embroidered jeans with the British flag in the typical colors of the union jack.

SLOW LIFE: Off white and gray melange for a dreamy and romantic style with a minimal flavor. Chiffon with woolen embroidery, maxi -Pull and Japanese hooded macro sequins, tulle flowers and small frills. The graphics are basic and mostly monochrome, from the girl's face macro to minimal chic heart, with aspects hand made in the technical. In this issue very avvolgentente trousers ranging from stretch velvet 2000 off white lines to more comfort from 'tricot effect also comes in brushed fleece.

PLEASENTVILLE: A mix of styles like in the window of a vintage store, But the leitmotif is the polka dots: those macro printed on t-shirts to embroidered ones to the more 'classic jacquard on dresses and pull.

The cardigan is asymmetrical, The vest comes in maxi knit, while the clothes are decorated with sequins.

The graphics revisit old covers of Vogue, feature pearl necklaces and fake photos yellowed by time.

Everything is developed in colors moka, dark grey melange, dark blue and purple. The super stretch velvet leggings purple color on and the one proposed in glitter denim match to graphic.

LOVE ANIMALS: Cinque piccoli animali diventano grafiche divertenti per maxi t-shirt che diventano sfiziose idee regalo accompagnate dalla loro pratica bag mulltiuso. This then is the Dalmatian number 102 and the small panda, the chilly fox and the hedgehog with a backpack, and finally the family Caturday. I 5 pockets from the most basic to the most advanced presented in various tones of washes are combined with the nice T-shirt.

DRESSES: An explosion of patterns for dresses in soft and practical jersey from the multiple cuts. Winter flowers, paisley designs, graceful butterflies and geometric designs for a warm and very special winter. They could not miss jeggings stretch denim super lightweight approach to this color multitude.

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