Nunkis borse di lusso made in France

Born in southern France NUNKIS, a high-end brand, which realizes bags for men and women using rare skins, exotic and high quality.
Launched in 201, of Noreen Sallusti and Nathalie sasizza, reinterprets the concept of luxury bag, avoiding the unnecessary and reinventing the classic codes.
The collection Nunkis is made with care by artisans French, whereby the interior of a bag is cured as the exterior.
The inspiration is the key mythology, greco o romana, as well as the logo, progettato from Sallusti, looks like an ancient shield or armor of a warrior.
Thea collection reworks exotic leathers, come il Galuchat, the eel skin or Sting Ray combined with lamb, giving them softness and strength. By combining high quality leather craftsmanship and carefully selected with original forms, così come, tasteful decor, bags NUNKIS stand out in the world of luxury.

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