Pub 13 June prêt-à-manger touch siculo


Milan, 6 June 2013

If you want to discover new flavors inspired by Sicilian tradition, Come and try the new Pub 13 June in via Goldoni, a hidden window that tells of tradition, Innovation and experimentation!

Andrea and Edward Dolcimascolo are the two brothers, thanks to the unmistakable paternal guidance, to Xavier, they created this little corner mirror made of sweetness and fantasy.

The local, a "winter Garden"As they like to define themselves, He tells of their Sicilian roots, invents and brings to the table dishes rich in taste mixed with a touch of freshness and creativity of traditional delicacies revisited in contemporary.

The Pub 13 June, last of the three creatures, It born near the historic site of the restaurant built in 1988, to establish an integration of two different ways to do Restaurants: the first classic and traditional, the second innovative.

Own story, instead, that of the country present in Brera, born in 2006.

It is a new concept of food that pushes family Dolcimascolo to embark on this new adventure: the Gastrobar ready-to-eat right at any time and ready to satisfy every palate.

From breakfast aperitif of 12, from breakfast to dinner, etc..

Here you can find, in fact, the typical Sicilian Palermo as flavorful and tender arancina, excellent caponata, the lightest couscous, created in light versions, and the fresh sweet as cassata, cannoli and beyond; such as New York Cheesecake revisited with an eye Sicilian.

All this happens because the chef Andrea in charge of giving shape to his creativity for three years now, He has learned along with several foreign cooks, cooking techniques that he himself, thanks to his passion, He managed to blend and make unique.

A passion that surrounds the whole family.

Alongside Andrea, should not be forgotten, in fact, the important figure that will fit Edoardo, Maitre and wine expert, accompanying with a careful selection of wines from the delicacies created by his brother.

Do not miss the chance to savor this new taste and this new atmosphere!

of Camilla Titomanlio

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