Always in search of beauty and excellence in all its shades, the eclectic designer Gala Rotelli presents its new project for the luxury hotel “Baglioni house” which will open the 16 January 2023 in the Milanese artistic heart of Brera.

The collection of complementi d’arredoDomestic colors”, designed by Gala Rotelli for the Casa Baglioni interiors designed by the Spagnulo Architecture studio & Partners, is made up of vases , piatti, pocket emptier, jugs and decor elements and is inspired by the art and design of Milan in the 60s.

In fact, each piece of furniture has been designed and created like a jewel, precious and unique. Glass, ceramic and metal side by side: come madeleine proustiane, to the eye and to the touch these objects remind us of familiar accessories, immediately making us feel at home. This is how Gala's research linked to the theme of one's roots continues: what can make us feel more comfortable and welcoming than objects? What, more than objects, trigger memories?

Each object has been thought of in relation to the space, structured with niches and boiseries, studied by the Spagnulo studio. The manufacture is completely handmade and Italian, with particular attention to the territory. Colored glass alternates with transparent glass, whose colors play with the light. The ceramic objects are painted in plain colors or decorated by hand by Gala, who has always loved following every stage of the production process. A special project to honor the craftsmanship of Made in Italy and the Milan of Giò Ponti.

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