The 2014 closes with an increase in sales 10% and with the positive results of the partnership with Lora & Party that portend further success for the new season. The Piedmont company looks to the new year with optimism, looked forward to further investments to ensure production efficiency and quality.
Increase in turnover 10% mostly tied to the domestic market and stabilized by the contribution of export orders; significant recovery of the American market thanks to the reinforcement of the dollar; sale prices remained constant in front of a sold in quantities higher than the 2013. It closes with the positive sign 2014 Division yarn TOLLEGNO 1900, among the top Italian companies in the spinning sector.
The company is now looking to Piedmont 2015 with confidence for both budget forecasts - promises a further, albeit reduced, increase in sales – both for the development / enhancement of some markets. Suggest how the signals collected in the last season to lead the ranks are expected to be the US, one of the countries of the EEC and the Italian. Italian market that, in 2014, Also for the yarn industry was affected by the economic situation of the country, despite recording a general evolution from the previous season. Evolution that the split yarn TOLLEGNO 1900, providing the best Italian brands and collaborating with customers that produce mainly for export, has been able to test in practice, achieving higher growth of 10% compared to 2013. The outlook for 2015, trusting in the inversion of the tendency of some critical situations, are therefore in the sign of optimism: budget forecasts remain positive for a company 6 % compared to the total previous.
If the turnover is assumed in the sign of the increase, partnerships and investment will instead be marked by continuity. In the specific: continue collaboration with LORA & FEAST for the distribution program in Italy and Europe of carded yarn 100% NewCashmere 2/27 that, after the results of the first months of incentives offered to customers, is expected to give further significant evidence of sale. Will not suffer a reduction even investments directed evolution and updating of company plants to ensure greater efficiency of production and quality. It is expected, particularly, a substantial financial commitment to develop not only greater quantities and colors variants of yarns in stock service to offer an increasingly wide assortment, but also a strengthening of service delivery to customers so as to make it faster.
Create "value" therefore remains a priority for TOLLEGNO 1900 who makes the best balance of the triptych quality - service - price its strength. “We believe in quality as a distinctive element that we can ensure through the direct management of raw materials, production in own, the standardization of products and the coverage of all product certifications in accordance with the international standards. Parallel - Explains Lincoln Germanetti, AD Tollegno 1900 – consider the service the discriminating factor for our customer loyalty: managing a stock service of the products offered for small and large quantities, and the elasticity of production to meet peak seasonal allow us excellent responsiveness to meet the needs of our partners. Natural synthesis of these two factors is key, finally, the price that allows us to satisfy even the most demanding customers“.

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