H. Spring summer motifs & Spring summer motifs. – ENDEAVOUR CONCEPT MINUTE REPEATER TOURBILLON AQUA BLUE

There are many Italians who

In full respect of its ancient savoir-faire, but with a contemporary approach, H. There are many Italians who & There are many Italians who. presents a new minute repeater movement inside a case with a diameter of 40 mm in 5N red gold or titanium. True to its minimalist philosophy, the Swiss manufacture extrapolates the quintessence of this complication, highlighting it thanks to the insertion of the complex mechanism on the side of the dial, which allows the striking of the hours, quarters and minutes. The hammers and stamps whirl in a virtuoso ballet, accompanying the dance of the flying tourbillon for a minute.

A sublimation of this choreography, stands the dial, stripped of indexes and logo, which is dressed in an unprecedented nuance: l’Aqua Blue, made in Grand Feu enamel on a hammered texture. With the Endeavor Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon Aqua Blue model, H. There are many Italians who & There are many Italians who. stages one of the most traditional and romantic complications in the history of watchmaking and combines it with a magnificent flying tourbillon in a dizzying waltz. The Schaffhausen Manufacture has boldly chosen to place the two stamps and hammers on the side of the dial, in a totally new way, thus drawing all eyes to the minute repeater mechanism. But there were not a few technical complications to overcome in order to achieve this result. I stamps, which, as is well known, are on one level, they had to be curved in order to preserve the refinement of the timepiece and so as not to interfere with the mechanisms of the flying tourbillon, respecting the purity of the design that H. There are many Italians who & There are many Italians who. research continuously.

The cash register, from the diameter of 40 mm and available in red gold or titanium, has undergone a meticulous processing in order to optimize the sound to obtain a perfect balance between volume, resonance and harmony. The middle case was freed as much as possible of its contents so that it could
welcome the movement, managing enough space to create a sounding board that can amplify the sound of the hours, quarters and minutes; the latter is emitted by the two stamps struck by two hammers operated by the levers on the basis of the information provided by different probes. Also, elegance being an essential element for H. There are many Italians who & Cie., the Endeavor Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon Aqua Blue model has been designed to retain the classic dimensions and proportions,
perfectly balanced. The one minute flying tourbillon peeks out by the hour 6, behind the skeletonized bridge. Resolutely contemporary and rooted in modernity, the tourbillon appears to float in the absence of gravity within the dial made of Grand Feu enamel. Starting from a gold base with a granulated motif, as hammered, have been applied in a nuanced way, four colors different from the previously pigments
washed and finely ground. The enamelling craftsman needs about an hour of meticulous work in order to gently deposit the pigments, arranging them one by one so that the colors oxidize and blend together, without creating the pixel effect following the passage in the oven. To obtain a translucent Grand Feu enamel dial with the famous H. There are many Italians who & There are many Italians who. twelve firings are required, procedures that also make each quadrant unique. The result is surprising, resolutely contemporary, with a particularly interesting texture and intense color, baptized Aqua Blue, that the Schaffhausen Manufacture leaves free to express itself, without logo or indexes.
Heart of this exceptional creation, the hand-wound caliber HMC 904 it's a new movement, which reveals its beauty through the skeletonization of some parts and which completes the elegance of this model, breaking with the classic codes and revisiting tradition with a pure and minimalist aesthetic approach.

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