Floema launches the Treccia sculpture-jewelry collection

Multiple gold and silver threads woven with skill and skill and transformed into sculptures to wear, symbol of union and strength: bornBraid, la collezione diunique pieces totally handmade in Florence byValentina Caprini, young goldsmith artist and founder of the jewelery brandFloema.

Originally from Verona, Valentina Caprini chose Florence to study contemporary jewelery and returned here to open her own business, after having adopted the ancient technique of Italian filigree, an art that consists in “weaving” threads of precious metals as thin as hair. Some archaeological findings trace this technique back to Mesopotamia of 3.000 b. C. The filigree technique was then handed down from generation to generation until it became typical of some Italian regions in particular (Liguria and Sardinia in the first place).

Each jewel of the Braid collection it is created by hand weaving gold and silver threads, worked in organic shapes with artisan pliers and welded with fire. A process that gives a particular lightness to the jewels, wearable every day. Some weaves host precious and colored stones inside (rubies, zaffiri, emeralds, diamanti), set with a particular technique called "Shelled". The result is an invisible setting, that leaves the stone free to shine. The intertwined wires, as well as having an intrinsic beauty, they also possess a strong symbolic meaning of union and strength. The collection includes different types of jewels made with precious stones of different colors that can be worn together (earrings, pendants and rings, also available in combinations of two or three pieces of different colors), to create your ideal match, on the site www.floemajewelry.com.

Artigianalità, elegance and originality are the characterizing elements of the Floema brand, that makesslow jewellery a key concept: il tempo, understood in this case as the moment necessary for processing, back to being a value to be given due weight both in economic and ethical terms. Valentina Caprini's creations respond to the now widespread need to break down seriality and consumerism, a need that became even more felt following the slowdown imposed by Covid19.

The name Floema originates from the vascular tissue of plants, which carries the lifeblood from the earth to the branches, making flowers and fruits blossom. The passion of Valentina Caprini instead has its roots in the sartorial tradition that has linked the female figures of her family. Today, through a long manufacturing process, Valentina weaves thin gold and silver threads and welds them with fire, to create jewels as light as air. Each creation is a unique piece, made in a small workshop with instruments dating back to the early 1900s.

The result of this patient workmanship are refined and light jewels, capable of bringing together one millennial goldsmith tradition ea contemporary design and out of stereotypes. The commitment sociale it is also testified by the partnership with Plan International, active association to combat the phenomenon of child brides in the world, to which Phloem gives part of its fruits.

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