fellman, retailer in the optical sector synonymous with designer eyewear at affordable prices, opens the doors of hisfourth store in Rome, at the Romaest shopping center, in via Collatina, Km 12.800. The new opening, planned perThursday 1 September, will see the birth of a modern shop of over 110sqm, with an exposure of more than 500 designer frames and major international brands.
"Fielmann's is a constant commitment to individual empowerment, that we promote daily through the democratization of the perfect vision as a tool of personal expression.The fourth opening in the city aims to serve as many Roman citizens as possible, strongly emphasizing a feeling: fellman. Power that Fielmann finds in his collaborators, who always identify the customized solution for customer needs. the corrective power of lenses to give new strength to the wearer, the corrective power of lenses to give new strength to the wearer, fair and professional is our daily goal ”explains Ivo Andreatta, CEO Fielmann Italy. «Fielmann is a great reality and, as a family business, our goal is to satisfy the needs and requirements of customers, becoming an integral part of the cities in which we open. Per questo motivo, we continuously adapt our business model to local needs, for example through the opening of stores in new strategic points ".
Fielmann is now present in Italyover 45 store, referredfour in Rome, all open in 2022. The new opening aims to support the expansion plan in Italy with organic growth that aims to strengthen the presence in the area, opening about ten new stores in Italy by the end of 2022.
"Rome is a diverse city with a single market that offers us great potential", says Andreatta. "Customer care and the value of people have always been central to every decision. This concept translates into a real philosophy in support of its collaborators, of customers and the company in which Fielmann operates ".
In order to satisfy the wishes of its customers, as well as offering a wide range of contact lenses from the most famous international brands, Fielmann lancia Atrea, one'sline of daily and monthly contact lenses. A new alternative, transparent and accessible to all, self-confidence and the ability to see the world with the right perspective. Atrea daily and monthly lenses are available in all Italian Fielmann stores, in two versions: Select ed Excellence. In addition to spherical contact lenses, the Atrea range also includes toric lenses for astigmatism correction and multifocal lenses for presbyopia. Ever closer to customers, across theperiodic delivery service, Fielmann gives the customer the possibility to choose whether to collect his contact lenses at the store, or have them delivered to a specific address, with the desired frequency, without additional costs or contractual obligations, with the possibility of terminating the service at any time.
Also active for this new store, theadvance booking service which will be available before opening by phone or online at the /. On the occasion of the opening is expected, also, anpromotion that includes a € 25 voucher for the first courses 200 clients who will buy a pair of prescription glasses. Always in view of the opening, Fielmann will offer designer glasses with high quality lenses included, with anti-reflective and hardener, and 3 years of warranty starting from25€ with single vision lenses and only € 75 for glasses with progressive lenses.
Our company philosophy has always been based on a very simple guiding principle: the corrective power of lenses to give new strength to the wearer. Attention to the customer and the value of people have always been central to every decision and this is what has allowed Fielmann customers to trust the company. Life at Fielmann is also told in the new employer branding campaignLife at Fielmann. Through the voice of his collaborators, Fielmann promotesl’empowerment individuale, as it happens every day with customers, through the democratization of the perfect vision as a tool of personal expression. Con l’headlineWe would see you better at Fielmann!, the campaign is an invitation to join the well-being of working in a large family business, where satisfaction and trainingthey are an investment in the future.
With the opening of the four stores in Rome, expansion in Italy continues with the aim of boosting the local economy and employment, increasing the number of collaborators hired. In the specific, the store will take 7 collaborators, selected on the territory. Our company and our success are characterized by mutual trust and responsibility shared by all collaborators, this is why we think long-term and invest in the future and in our resources. Employees support us in the expansion and pass on the Fielmann philosophy to new colleagues.
Fielmann is a designer, producer, distributor and optician. By eliminating intermediaries we can guarantee the best price, even of the biggest international brands, and meet the needs of our eyes. The arrival of Fielmann in Rome thus becomes an opportunity to take care of one's eyes, but also to experiment with innovative styles, creating acombination of visual well-being and fashionable eyewear at affordable prices, self-confidence and the ability to see the world with the right perspective. Con oltre27 millions of customers in 16 countries of Europe, Fielmann democratized the optical sector, offering the big brands at the best guaranteed price. From 2015, Fielmann is alreadylanded in 10 regioni. It is present in Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Piemonte, Tuscany, Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto.Lazio, with Rome, marks the tenth Italian region of Fielmann presence.

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