Riso con tofu, carote, fave e salsa d’ostriche

When laziness reaches its peak, it is good to make up for it with unique dishes: in a short time it is possible to prepare tasty and complete solutions that do not require the washing of many dishes: the so-called singles dishes…
Today I decided to share one of my favorites with you 🙂
For a pers (being flat by single):
100g tofu
  • 1 carota
  • 1 handful of broad beans (about 5 pods)
  • 70/80 g of carnaroli rice or whatever you prefer
  • 1 spoon of oyster sauce, it is commonly found in cheap ethnic supermarkets
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 5 spoons of oil for frying
Boil the water for the rice and add salt, cook it for about 18 my. Meanwhile, peel the carrot and cut into thin slices,,it,Clean the pods in order to obtain a handful of beans,,it,Sauté the beans and carrots in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil and the oyster sauce for,,it,Cut the tofu into sticks or cubes and fry it in hot oil,,it,when it is golden and crisp on all sides, dry the excess oil with paper towels,,it,When it is time to drain the rice and add it to vegetables and fried tofu,,it,If you want to decorate with some chives,,it,Everything should be ready in the cooking time of the rice,,it,At this point you just have to select a good movie and you're done,,it,From the blog of Arnalda,,it,broad beans and oyster sauceSCENARIO,,it. Pulite i baccelli in modo da ottenere una manciata di fave . Saltate in padella le fave e le carote con un cucchiaio d’olio d’oliva e la salsa d’ostriche per 6/7 my.
Tagliate il tofu a bastoncini o a cubetti e friggetelo in olio caldo, quando sarà ben dorato e croccante su tutti i lati asciugate l’olio in eccesso con della carta da cucina. Quando sarà il momento scolate il riso e unitelo alle verdure e al tofu fritto. Se volete decorate con dell’erba cipollina. Il tutto dovrebbe esser pronto nel tempo di cottura del riso.
A questo punto non resta che selezionare un bel film e il gioco è fatto!
Dal blog di Arnalda

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